Guest Magicians of World Spectacular Stage Magic Gala Show

Dani Lary

A World-famous comedy magic creator, the only master who uses all original magic manipulation techniques in Europe. He is good at performing acts with skills like floating, penetrating, disappearing and reappearing, which lead the audience to a world of fascinating. Since 1998, his magic acts have been the climactic ones on the show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde” on French TV II, thus attaining a very high reputation in France. He is also well-known overseas and regarded one of the most promising magicians in France.
杰洛米 与 克劳德 (法国)

They are World famous master magic performers who have won the champions for many magic conventions in Europe with their classic act “Les Chapeaux Blancs”, which utilizes simple and seemingly impossible disappearing and reappearing, making you doubt what you see with your own eyes. The richly beautiful stage scenery, the humorous elements which run through the performance and the most interesting plot itself will lead you through an amazing adventure in the world of black and white.
全球高科技魔术领域的新一代代表人物。他突破传统魔术概念,善用多媒体技术,将科技与魔术相结合,使魔术的神奇升华到了更高的境界。在美国拉斯维加斯举办的世界魔术研讨会青年组比赛里,他是第一个获奖的日本人。而记录他作为一位魔术师的成长历程的电影《make believe》也在美国洛杉矶电影节上获得大奖。

A representative in the new generation in the technology magic field, he breaks the concept of traditional magic and combines magic with science and technology, sublimating the attractiveness of magic to a higher level. In the competition for young magicians on the world magic seminar held in Las Vegas, USA, he became the first Japanese to win a prize. The film "Make Believe", which has recorded his growth as a magician, also won a prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

A world famous master of magic, whose performance is very influential, is reputed as a "Super Magician". In 1988, he had his debut performance in Japan with his innovative "super magic" acts, and aroused an upsurge of "super magic". Words such as "(the miracle is )coming" and "super power" have become popular in Japan, and "super magic" has gradually become an important type of performance. Maric has been also a most popular TV star, whose TV magic acts cover over 3,000 varieties. He is also a reputed director and consultant of TV magic, and has done important contribution to the progress and development of TV magic performance both in Japan and the world.
Gaetan Bloom

He is publicly recognized in the magic field as the "tireless creator", and has got the title of honor of "Father of magic gimmick". He is not only a magician, comedian, but also a designer of stage art and consultant of special effects for films and TV programs. He is also the most typical scholastic representative in the present day magic field. He is reputed as an encyclopedia of European magic circle. He gives performances worldwide.
Otto Wessely

A world famous master of comedy magic, he pursues to break the traditional way of magic performance and excels in programming the magic effects,with his style of elegance, cool and crazy, letting the audience feel the amazing power of stage magic by getting them in a trance, puzzled, wondering and in sudden awareness and laughter. “A crazy magician is always conducting a comedy at the edge of hell” is the true comment on him by the audience.
安·索菲 与 简·飞利浦(法国)
Anne-sophie / Jean-phylippe

The perfect combination of romantic charm and elegance are what the French duet magic performers offer. They precisely integrate dance into magic, thus injecting new vitality into illusions act with their novel combinations. They have been active for 17 years, with performances on stages of Asia, Europe, North America, as well as on cruise ships, in amusement arcades, national theatres and magic festivals.

As a well-known Italian magician and an outstanding representative of young magicians worldwide, he thinks broadly in creating magic acts and is excellent in integrating different techniques into his compositions. “Shezan’s Teapot”, the act which has established his reputation, fully demonstrates his talent in creation and performance. All the year round he gives performances on stages worldwide and has frequently won prizes of all kinds of competitions.
尼克·塔肯斯 (荷兰)
Niek Takens
一位专注于攻克高难度魔术手法的世界青年大师,年仅20岁,屡获荷兰、意大利、法国魔术比赛冠军。他善于魔术手法技巧的创新和表演的艺术处理,并探索“新魔术”的发展。他常年活跃于欧洲舞台和电视栏目,并创造了在荷兰著名Ashton Bothers剧院演出超过40场的个人记录。

Though only 20 years old, Niek Takens is already a young master magician who is absorbed in conquering high-difficulty manipulation skill. He has won several champions in the magic conventions held in the Netherlands, Italy and France. He is good at innovating manipulation skills and artistic performance and always explores the development of “New Magic”. He is active all the year round on the stages of Europe and on TV. He has created the record of more than 40 performances of one person’s programs in the well-known Ashton Bothers Theatre in the Netherlands.
Yang Xiaolei

An outstanding representative of young magicians in China, Yang began to learn magic at the age of 12, and got his gold medal prize in the competition in Tianjin at the age of 16, only 4 years later. In the same year he went abroad to perform as a member of Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe. His great manipulation techniques and excellent dance amazed the audience. Awed them also were his maturity and extraordinariness, which were incompatible with his age. In 2015, he participated as a leading role, in the Magic Space, a thematic magic illusion show produced by Tianjin Northern Performing Arts Group with an enormous investment, and received widespread attention throughout the world.
Andrea Sestieri

An outstanding representative of the young magicians worldwide, owner of Master of Education Supervision, Rome University, Andrea Sestieri has learned pantomime and drama, but is most keen on the creation and performance of illusions. He explores deeply in the performance style of his own. From 2014 to 2016, he consequently created 3 one-man shows in different styles, and all of them were great hits. In 2017, he performed in the illusion show “Magic Martin”, successfully staged on the cruise ship Costa, thus going and performing around the globe.
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